Teekkarisimulator game with Scala

Aalto University
Teekkarisimulator game
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Role: lead designer, developer


This game was created for a course at Aalto University. It is one of my favourite creations due to cross-disciplinary work and humorous value, so it is included in this portfolio, although it is not a representation of professional work. Our team of 4 students created the game from start to finish with Scala, as a Scala Swing application.


We created a game that humoristically depicts the life of a technology student. There are 3 stages: freshman (fuksi), technology student (teekkari), and oldie (wanha). The player needs to collect study credits (noppa), and avoid obstacles such as beer and ice. The player controls the student with A and D or left and right arrow keys, with the game steadily moving the student along the road on the Y-axis.

I was in charge of creating the Item-classes (noppas, beers, and other items), and the Infobar-class, which displays the players health and points. I was also in charge of all the graphics.

Architecture of the game

The code is viewable on GitLab.


The game was a smash hit among our students, and was especially complimented on its creative story and original graphics. I am very proud of my contribution to this game. I have always been interested in indie games, and this was a push that will inspire me to create more games in the future.


Scala, Adobe Photoshop (for graphics)

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