UI/UX Design

Doctor and Patient apps for Nightingale Health

Nightingale Health

Role: lead UI and UX designer


The task was to create a prototype for the UI and UX of an app for the iPad for a doctor’s use, and an iPhone app for the patient's use. The doctor app should feature the patient’s biomarker data obtained from Nightingale health’s blood tests, as well as other information about their health risks. The user should see the same data. The goal was to produce a low-fidelity prototypes to explore the possibilities the service could have.

Doctor app: welcome screen

I created 3 digital iterations of the prototypes, and a several hand drawn ones. The design process included benchmarking other medical solutions, studying data visualization to decide how best to display the vast amount of information, and doing rapid prototyping with hand-drawn interfaces and storyboards.

Doctor app: patient screen
Doctor app: patient biomarker screen

For the doctor's app, the most critical design decisions were determining which information is most important for the doctor to see, how the dashboard should look like, and how to categorize the patient’s information into a hierarchical structure. The challenge was to make the information easily understandable to the doctor at a glance. I was able to test the prototype with a few doctors, and received feedback for the usability.

Patient app: biodata screen

For the patient's app, the key design issue was deciding how to show the relationship of information obtained from the blood tests, and the information created by the patient from their own lifestyle via tracking their sport and eating habits. Showing complex biological data in a way that is easily understandable to the patient was also a big challenge. User testing was conducted within the company with other employees.


I received very positive feedback from my mentor for this UI/UX design, especially for the clear, logical and easy-to-use navigation.


Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Experience Design, wireframing by hand, usability testing, expert interviews

Due to an NDA, only these 4 screens could be shown.

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