Laila - Immersive audiovisual experience

Creating Laila

As part of Ekho Collective, I created the immersive audiovisual experience Laila. Ekho Collective was in charge of the concept and implementation of Laila. I worked on concept and design implementation, as well as Ekho's communication o Laila's concept and process.

Laila employed the technologies of projection mapping, LIDAR-tracking, boid artificial intelligence, spatial sound, and a dome structure.

Laila premiered in 2020, and was created with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, and dramaturge Paula Vesala.

Laila was created over a year with a multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, technologists, musical, dramaturgy and staging specialists.

Laila in the press

The key design issues in Laila were creating the right blend of visual and audio interaction for users, and balancing the storytelling of Laila with the AI engine behind its function.

My blog posts on the process of building Laila:

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Inside Laila

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