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Website and Dataviz for SaferGlobe's Arms Report

Futurice, client: SaferGlobe
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Role: service designer, graphic designer, coding padawan

The website was nominated for the category "Best use of data" in the biggest Finnish design gala Grand one in 2018.

The project created an impact on the interest of Finnish media to report in the data, namely by the national broadcasting company YLE in their article "Middle East the primary destination for record Finnish arms exports in 2016".


SaferGlobe had the aim to digitalize their yearly arms reports, which had been published as paper pamphlets in previous years. Creating the website would involve data visualization, and careful accessibility design to ensure that all readers could need the map, regardless of conditions such as color blindness.


A workshop was organized with SaferGlobe experts, journalists, and members of the public, in order to determine what would be important for the website. After this, several iterations of data designs were gone through, before one was found. The design process is talked about in detail here. I personally also programmed some of the D3.js used on the website.

The completed website.


The website created a buzz in Finnish media upon publication. A prominent Finnish politician even personally congratulated me on the success of the website, after I presented it at the publication.


Sketch, D3.js

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